Value Proposition

value-prop_gold_barsNo Agency Commissions or Markups! No Conflict of Interest!

Bane Marketing & Communications is not a marcom or advertising agency. Rather than continually pursuing new business, Marc will only handle a select group of clients at any one time, and personally writes all marketing materials and campaigns. He works with your own designers or his network of reasonably-priced designers and other marketing support vendors who bill independently. Bane Marketing adds no markups or commissions from vendors or media.

Marcom and ad Agencies receive commissions from media owners for placing your ads and promotions. Same goes for production costs such as printing and graphic design. Agencies typically markup productions costs as much as 15-20% or more. All these commissions and mark-up mean that there is a direct relationship between the volume of ad placements and printing and the profits the agency makes on your account. That is a serious conflict of interest that lowers the value of your marketing budget, and many clients fail to take this into consideration.

Agencies also have overhead that you pay for — Account Execs. Account Supervisors, Account Managers, Copywriters, Creative Directors, and accounting staff. These agency staffers, as well as a host of administrative costs, are factored right into your invoice. When you finally get your bill, you might wonder if the agency put most of its creative talent in the billing department.

Delivers Cost-Effective Results

Marc Bane is an excellent tactical and operational marketer of energy software and technology. He delivers cost-effective results by increasing brand awareness and a predisposition to a company’s value proposition.

-Kevin Monagle
Associate Partner, Energy & Utilities
IBM Global Business Services

Former Sr. VP and Founder
Excellergy Corp.

Excelergy logo

Unquestionable Difference in Quality

There is an unquestionable difference in the quality and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns when a professional like Marc is running the show.

-Chris Cazer
President – Osprey Systems
Former CIO – Excelergy Corporation

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Talented and Experienced

Marc not only has the experience to develop effective marketing strategies, he has the talent to execute them quickly and cost-effectively.

-Steve Swenke
Former President and CEO
Metrum Technologies


Ability to Simplify Complex Technology

Marc’s unique ability to present complex technology in simple and easily understood terms, combined with his talent at transforming product attributes into clearly defined benefits, quickly builds market visibility and generates sales leads.

-Martin K. Goldenblatt
Former Vice President Sales
Greenfuel Technologies

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Builds Customers

Marc’s direct marketing support for the Information Builders sales seminar programs put our sales team face to face with more than 9,000 customers and prospects in a single year.

-Marc Koppelman
Former Director,
PC Software Sales –
Information Builders

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Quickly and Cost Effectively Launchs Quality Programs

“Having worked with Marc at several organizations over the past 20 years, I have always been impressed by how quickly and cost-effectively he can launch quality marketing programs.”

-Dr. E. Ted Prince
Founder and CEO –
Perth Leadership Institute

Exceptional Abilities

Marc’s exceptional ability to articulate the value proposition and vision of new technology is a valuable asset to any company looking to capture mindshare in the media and market share in the industry.

-Larry Dinkin
Board of Directors and Cofounder –

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Builds Brands; Penetrates Markets

I’ve watched Marc work his magic at both GreenFuel Technologies and Excelergy Corp. I’ve never met anyone else who could penetrate a new market or build a brand faster.

-Cary Bullock
Former Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder
Excelergy Corporation

Excelergy logo

Former CEO – GreenFuel Technologies

GreenFuel logo

Driving Force; Adjunct to our Executive Team

Marc is a seasoned marketing professional with an exceptional combination of energy knowledge, hands-on marketing skills, and creative talent. His marketing campaigns were the driving force behind our highly-successful “Build Our Brand” strategic business initiative. Marc is a team player, and we were proud to have his marketing leadership as an adjunct to our executive team.

-Michael Peterson
Former Managing Principal
The Structure Group

StructureGroup logo

Trusted Advisor

Marc is a highly experienced corporate marketing and communications professional with the skills and talent to execute a wide range of quality marketing communications programs quickly and cost effectively.  But more than just his skills, Marc is a trusted advisor who placed the best interests of our company first.

– David Delasanta
Executive Vice President
ThermoEnergy Corp.



One Flat Monthly Fee Adds a Talented Member to Your Go-To-Market Team

Bane Marketing offers its services for a flat monthly fee, calculated on the projected volume of your marketing activities. Marc Bane becomes a member of your marketing or management team, and you have virtually unlimited access to his marketing management skills and creative talent. If the level of marketing activity changes significantly from projected levels, fees can be adjusted accordingly with the written permission of both parties. If at any time the client is not completely satisfied with the level of quality or service, our contractor agreements are cancelable with 30 days notice, eliminating all risk.

There are no commissions and no markups on production. If third party designers or printers are used, these suppliers will bill your company directly. Marc receives no sales commissions of any kind. Marc is happy to work with existing design/production vendors or will offer its own network of proven suppliers. And because of the long-standing relationships with these suppliers, and the fact they never have to add sales commissions, the prices they offer are extremely hard to beat.

All Creative Concept and Copywriting Done Personally by Marc Bane

Most importantly of all, Marc does all creative concept, copywriting, and project management. It’s all included on the monthly fee, whether you do one campaign or twenty. That’s why Marc can typically create an ad or direct marketing program for a fraction of what an agency would charge. And because your management interfaces directly with the ultimate copywriter who knows your company and your industry, your marketing campaigns are not only better, they are created and executed in a fraction of the time. Bane can often launch a major new campaign in less than a few weeks as opposed to the several or more months it takes the typical company to execute this process. And that means faster market entry, faster brand building,  faster growth in the sales pipeline and faster ROI.