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Marc BaneIntroducing Marc Bane

For more than 25 years, Marc Bane has been helping companies in startup to post IPO position their products, build their brands, attract investors, and grow their sales pipelines. Marc has established a reputation for excellence in the design and execution of results-oriented marketing communications programs that help companies build both mindshare and market share.

Marc specializes in Energy Technology and Services, Cleantech, and Enterprise Software. He is retained by a variety of technology companies and organizations to design and execute their marketing and communications programs. Marc’s ability to uniquely position a company’s product or service and articulate its value proposition has resulted in numerous industry awards of recognition for his clients, including: The Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award in Energy; Platts Global Energy Award; Power & Gas Marketing Premium Product Award; Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation of the Year Award; Energy Central “Knowledge 2000” CIO of the year Award, and Platts Award for Excellence in Sustainable Technology. Marc is an accomplished advertising and direct marketing copywriter, business journalist, and editor. His considerable marketing experience and hands on skill set allows him to offer affordable,  high quality marketing communications programs that would often be beyond the budget limitations of early-stage  and smaller companies.

25 Years of Experience – 25 Years of Results

Marc was formerly Vice President of Global Marketing at Excelergy Corporation (acquired by Nexant), a leading supplier of software solutions for energy billing, trading and transaction management. Prior to Excelergy, he served as Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Caminus Corporation (acquired by Sungard Energy Systems), where he clearly established the company as the leading provider of energy trading and risk management systems and services. Marc was Vice President of Corporate Marketing at SS&C Technologies, a leading institutional investment management software vendor, and Director of Marketing Communications at Information Builders, where he created and managed the software industry’s seventh largest print advertising campaign, and one of the industry’s most successful sales seminar and lead generation programs. Marc also served as Marketing Communications Director at Computron Technologies where he helped launch and brand the company’s financial applications integrated with on-line imaging technology.

Marc is an accomplished advertising/direct mail copywriter, business journalist and editor. Early in his career, he became Editor-in-Chief of “Chemical Purchasing” magazine, a major chemical industry trade journal. Marc spent five years as President and Creative Director of BJ&R Communications, a full service marketing communications agency in New York City, where he created marketing and PR programs for  more than 20 accounts in the information technology and chemical process industries, and served simultaneously as Managing Editor of “Chemical Marketing and Management” magazine, the quarterly publication of the Chemical Marketing Research Association.

Marc’s advertising programs have earned top honors in the trade press readership polls including a number one spot in “Software Magazine,” a ComputerWorld as that drew more than 4,000 lead inquiries in a single year, and a “Reader Survey Best Ad of the Year Award” in “Law and Order” magazine.”

Client Testimonials

Trusted Advisor

Marc is a highly experienced corporate marketing and communications professional with the skills and talent to execute a wide range of quality marketing communications programs quickly and cost effectively.  But more than just his skills, Marc is a trusted advisor who placed the best interests of our company first.

– David Delasanta
Executive Vice President

ThermoEnergy Corp.




Driving Force; Adjunct to our Executive Team

Marc is a seasoned marketing professional with an exceptional combination of energy knowledge, hands-on marketing skills, and creative talent. His marketing campaigns were the driving force behind our highly-successful “Build Our Brand” strategic business initiative. Marc is a team player, and we were proud to have his marketing leadership as an adjunct to our executive team.

-Michael Peterson
Former Managing Principal –
The Structure Group
StructureGroup logo

Builds Brands; Penetrates Markets

I’ve watched Marc work his magic at both GreenFuel Technologies and Excelergy Corp. I’ve never met anyone else who could penetrate a new market or build a brand faster.

-Cary Bullock
Former Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder
Excelergy Corporation
Excelergy logo
Former CEO –
GreenFuel Technologies
GreenFuel logo

Exceptional Abilities

Marc’s exceptional ability to articulate the value proposition and vision of new technology is a valuable asset to any company looking to capture mindshare in the media and market share in the industry.

-Larry Dinkin
Board of Directors and Cofounder –

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Quickly and Cost Effictively Launchs Quality Programs

“Having worked with Marc at several organizations over the past 20 years, I have always been impressed by how quickly and cost-effectively he can launch quality marketing programs.”

-Dr. E. Ted Prince
Founder and CEO –
Perth Leadership Institute

Builds Customers

Marc’s direct marketing support for the Information Builders sales seminar programs put our sales team face to face with more than 9,000 customers and prospects in a single year.

-Marc Koppelman
Former Director,
PC Software Sales –
Information Builders

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Ability to Simplify Complex Technology

Marc’s unique ability to present complex technology in simple and easily understood terms, combined with his talent at transforming product attributes into clearly defined benefits, quickly builds market visibility and generates sales leads.

-Martin K. Goldenblatt
Former Vice President Sales
Greenfuel Technologies

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Talented and Experienced

Marc not only has the experience to develop effective marketing strategies, he has the talent to execute them quickly and cost-effectively.

-Steve Swenke
Former President and CEO
Metrum Technologies


Unquestinalble Difference in Quality

There is an unquestionable difference in the quality and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns when a professional like Marc is running the show.

-Chris Cazer
President –
Osprey Systems
Former CIO –
Excelergy Corporation
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Delivers Cost-Effective Results

Marc Bane is an excellent tactical and operational marketer of energy software and technology. He delivers cost-effective results by increasing brand awareness and a predisposition to a company’s value proposition.

-Kevin Monagle
Associate Partner, Energy & Utilities
IBM Global Business Services

Former Sr. VP and Founder
Excellergy Corp.
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